January 8th, 2012: Goat barn in the deep snow – don't worry the goats are fine.

Hello, nice to see you!

First of all we would like to introduce ourselves to you. If you plan a vacation at our place you will meet a few new faces:

We are Adam und Barbara, the farmers and owners of the place. We will help wherever we can. Sadly, our English is as good as Grandmas, but our kids can help with the translation, so don't hesitate to ask. Adam is mostly – hmm – just somewhere. It's like playing hide-and-seek. You can find him in the woods, in the garage, the shed or on the meadows. So usually you will get in touch with me – Barbara. I'm doing all the organization and booking work. I will show you your rooms, make breakfast and so on.

We have five children: Martina, Stefan, Barbara, Veronika und Christian (in order of appearance). Three of them are still living at the farm. They help wherever they can and they all speak English – more or less. So feel free to ask them for help too.

But I'm pretty sure you will meet Paul first. He is our grandson, very curious an enthusiastic, especially if somebody new shows up. See him as your first point of contact for playing games.

We look forward to meeting you!

Barbara Rettensteiner and the Astlehen family

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1 to 4 further double rooms (of the apartment) can be booked additionally.

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